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Costs of Home Care vs. Facility Care for Seniors

Complete this statement, "The purpose of this study is...home healthcare benefits for the elderly" and then follow up with a relevant and testable research questions. The Purpose of the Study is to gain information to address the problem introduced in home healthcare (example of using a purpose statement).

The research question should adhere to these three following guidelines:
1. Formation of question is based on theory, previous research, and experience;
2. Stated in the form of a question; and
3. Is focused and clear (i.e., specific, measurable, and feasible).

Then you should state the research question in the form of hypotheses in mathematical notation. After that, conduct a literature review.


Solution Summary

The research questions asks whether home care for the aging is more cost effective than care provided in skilled nursing facilities. The discussion points highlight the challenges in such research. Attached as Word.