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    Care coordination

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    Please discusses types of care coordination and the challenges associated with each type. How do you see these challenges being addressed in your community?

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    Care coordination can occur in a medical institution such as an extended care facility or a hospital. It can be done by a home health agency for an aging person needing home health services. It can be done by a family member in some cases. A social worker or case manager may be involved in care coordination for a patient going home from the hospital or medical facility.

    For the medical facility, care coordination may begin with a physician's order to nursing staff, to make arrangements. Some services may be provided within the institution and some may require scheduling with an outside provider. For nursing staff arranging care that will work around hectic times in the long term care facility, such as around meal times, may be a challenge. Challenges will be similar in the hospital setting. If care is coordinated through other ...

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