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    Treating Mental Illness in the United States

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    According to Sultz and Young (2011), "there is no single 'mental health system' [in the United States] but a variety of systems that provide services. Those systems vary widely in what services are provided for whom, by whom, and in what setting"

    Answer the following questions:
    Why don't people with mental illnesses receive the same level of care as other illnesses?
    What barriers prevent people with mental illnesses from receiving the care they need? Are the barriers different in the U.S. as compared to other countries?
    Should the federal government take a more active role in the coordination of care and services to patients with mental illness? Why or why not?

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    People with mental illnesses do not receive the same level of care as other illnesses, due to the fact that there are stigmatisms associated with mental illnesses that result in these illnesses not receiving the funding and attention that they deserve. One barrier that prevents ...