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    Growing and Aging Community

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    Scenario: To accommodate the rapidly growing and aging community, it is necessary to expand capacity for long-term care by constructing a new hospital wing.

    Need help answering the following questions based on the above scenario:

    What are the primary health concerns for this patient population?

    How would the expansion plan and design meet their medical needs and improve patient satisfaction?

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    The top five health concerns for seniors are:
    1. Cardiovascular Disease
    2. Mental Health Issues
    3. Arthritis and Other Joint Problems
    4. Falls
    5. Prostate Problems


    If one is considering expanding a hospital I think a "step up" type care approach is beneficial. That way family members aren't trying to find new locations for their loved ones when they need more care. I see this frequently in my job. Many of the ...

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    The top five health concerns for seniors are exemplified in this posting.