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    Sociological Paradigms on Aging

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    Discuss how different societies and technological factors influence how aging is viewed.
    - Analyze how the issue of aging is approached by the three major sociological paradigms. Identify which you agree with most and state why.

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    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. In this particular task you are being asked to reflect on the topic of aging. I suggest using this simple outline:

    1. On aging (views) - 150 words
    2. Aging & the sociological perspectives - 150 words
    3. Opinion - 100 words

    This outline should yield around 400 words which should cover what you need.

    On Aging

    Being that Aging is a universal phenomenon, it is represented in various forms of media across the board. In movies in and most cinemas across the world the elderly are represented according to the various aspects of Aging. In fantasy movies witches are presented as old women while magicians and wizards as wizened old men (i.e. Gandalf the Grey in the Tolkien Epic); dying men losing their capacities and sanity as represented in the movie 'The Bucket List' which starred Jack Nicholson &Morgan Freeman or as comedic, funny and angry icons due to the differences & barriers between the young and the old (http://www.pmcaregivers.com/Photos2.htm). Of recent issues about the aged has come to fore with the media picturing them as helpless due to their disadvantage with the use of technology and the latest trends which makes them unable to do anything except wait upon the government and the younger generation to look after them. Indeed, it can be said that at present, they are sent to care homes by their families in the belief that in there they will be looked after well health-wise where they will have both medical and social needs quickly provided for compared to the limitations of being looked after by family at home.

    Many movies (i.e. The Notebook starring Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams) portray the Aging populations as slowly declining in facilities in ...

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