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    Latino Culture & Aging

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    There is nothing in the nature of aging that exudes a particular set of attitudes. Rather, a society determines its' attitude toward the elderly and as a result attitudes toward the aged will vary from one social group to another.

    How does each of the sociological perspectives approach the subject of aging?

    How does the media shape the images of older people? How does this influence your expectations for the kind of life each of you hope to have when you reach your senior years? What kind of societal changes if any, would need to take place for each of you to achieve your goals?

    Research a racial or ethnic group and identify how they treat their elderly.

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    Here is your solution. After considering the best possible way to help you with your posting I decided to answer each of your particular questions by providing information that tackles the issues with a discussion for each in particular, defining terms from both a scientific and a sociological perspective coupled with my own views on Aging, as well as media representation and touching base on how cultures deal with it as a social phenomenon. While I discussed the manner by which Hispanics & the Latino culture deal with Aging, I provided a link to the US National Hispanic Association that deals with Aging along with two more interesting links that if used will give your inquiry more substance. Attached is the word version of this solution in word format (Aging.doc) that you can print out and use as your guide. I have also suggested additional readings in case you wish to explore the issue just a little bit more. The solution is as concise as possible but it is expandable.Good luck & thank you for using Brainmass!

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    The Media & Aging

    Being that Aging is a social reality accepted universally, it is represented in various forms of media across the board. In movies in Hollywood & most cinemas across the world the elderly are represented according to the various aspects of Aging. In fantasy movies sometimes Witches and Hags are presented as old women; Wizards as wizened old men (Gandalf the Grey in the Tolkien Epic); dying men losing their facility and sanity as represented in the latest movie of Jack Nicholson &Morgan Freeman; Funny and angry icons due to the generation gap (http://www.oldpeoplearefunny.com/). Of recent in the United Kingdom & in the U.S. Welfare issues on the elderly has come to fore with the media picturing the aged as helpless and due to their disadvantage with the use of technology are unable to do anything about except wait upon the government and the younger generation to look after them. Indeed, in America & increasingly in the very modern States, the aged and the elderly are sent to Elderly Homes by their children and families in the belief that in there they are far better looked after health-wise with quick access to their needs as compared to being looked after at home. Many Hollywood films (i.e. ...

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    The solution looks at the Latino Attitude on Aging from a Sociological perspective providing analysis of the subject by looking at the manner in which the culture in practice perpetuates particular traditions and ideas on how a community/social group relate & look after their elders. Images of the Elderly perpetuated by the media is also analysed as to its effects upon widely accepted sociological ideas & practices.