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Latinos views on psychology and culture impact

Select one culturally diverse group

a) explain the various characteristics of the selected group to include
Cultural values and beliefs and Socio-political factors unique to this group

b) What are the primary cultural characteristics of this selected group?

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Since America is such a melting-pot and we border a country, connected to many more countries, the Latin cultural group only seems fitting. Latino is a self-described culture of people from varies countries; including individuals of diverse Latino-based national origins including those from Mexico, countries of Central America, the Spanish-speaking countries of South America, the Spanish-speaking countries of Caribbean, and US territory Puerto Rico (Casas & Pytluk, 1995). Even though there is the difference in where exactly Latino comes from they represent common cultural roots in language, history, values orientation, sociofamilial, and religious realities (Frevert, 1998).

Historically Latinos are an ethnical and racial mix of their current country and Spain. Latinos account for approximately 15% of the total U.S. population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2009). With such a large amount of Latino decent from a variety of locations, their origin and migration process is an influence on their lifestyle. One family, here for generations from Puerto Rico, acculturation, the process of learning and behavioral adaptation to a new culture, to American culture quickly due to exposure; whereas the family ...

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