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Race, Health factors

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The article is about the factors which influence physical health of Spanish sub-populations in America, based on their socioeconomic status, gender, country of origin, nutritional intake or lack thereof, and life style behaviors. Authors compare and contrast various Spanish or Spanglish speaking countries. Their findings and supporting literature research indicates that for accurate documentation of nutritional and life style trends within Latinos, is essential to mark the prevalence of obesity and type II diabetes in their communities, for informing them about changes which they may make, for better health outcomes.

Issues related to acculturation are discussed as it matters whether Latinos who immigrated to US, what their language skills are like and how long they have been or have thus far stayed in the US. To measure more specific indicators, quality of life, birth rates, mortality rates and life histories related scales have been used in multiple studies to approach acculturation of Latinos and quantify health trends among them. That is why the research results have been dissimilar and inconsistent.

Latinos are ...

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Health factors, race, language skills