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Surveillance System Overview

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I would appreciate any help I can receive in brief:

1. Provide an overview of a surveillance system and the data.
2. An analysis of the data quality and the instrument used.
3. Identify a trend, patterns of chronic disease in the data and risk factors by age, sex, race/ethnic, group and socioeconomic status.
4. Suggest other surveillance methods that could be used to increase quality of the data.
5. Please include the selected data set in your analysis as an attachment and cite your source.

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Epidemiological studies are most likely those which utilize surveillance as a method of observation. As such, the following analysis is in the field of epidemiologic rheumatology; the study aims to evaluate associations between early life physical and sexual abuse and inflammatory markers in adulthood [1].

The participant population used in this study was part of a large cohort study called the Nurses Health Study II, conducted at the Brigham and Women?s Hospital in Boston Massachusetts. A retrospective analysis of information reported by 702 women of the Nurses? Health Study informed researchers of occurrences of abuse in childhood as well as adolescent years. Furthermore, plasma samples collected throughout the course of the cohort study (1996-2010) were assayed for C-reactive protein (CRP); interleukin (IL)-6, and tumor necrosis factor alpha receptor 2.

Indeed, self-reported information and biomarker assays contributed to the conclusions of the Inflammation/Abuse study; however, participants were monitored every 2 years over the course of ten years to obtain the initial data ...

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The expert provides an overview of a surveillance system and the data.

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