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Machismo, Marianismo, and the Latin American Culture

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Discuss the concepts of "Machismo" and "Marianismo." How similar or different are Latin American women's roles today as compared to the past? If different, what brought about the change? Compare women's roles in Latin American countries with other countries such as the United States?

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Machismo is a term that refers to being a man. Now, the term has different connotations depending on who you talk to. Generally, it is not understood as the American culture understands it, i.e. "macho" men going around with a libido so huge that you can smell the testosterone a mile away! To the latino mind, to be macho is to be a man in all respects -- generally, one who provides for his family, works hard, who is courageous and courteous. In a sense, the term has more in common with the European ideas of chivalry and knighthood that it does with sex and the size of the male organ.

In addition, machismo deals with "traditional" roles of men and women in society. As a result, many will oppose ...

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I provide a very practical and easy to understand explanation for Machismo and Marianismo in the Latin American Culture. In so doing, I explain the origins of these ideals, their relationship to traditional values, and the different roles of the sexes within society. This solution is 470 words.