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    Machismo, Latin American Style

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    Discuss the concept of "conquest culture." Discuss if and how "cultural crystallization" was very significant in determining what the final stabilized forms of the Latin American acculturated society are.

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    Defining Cultural Studies & Foster's Anthropological views

    Anthropologist George Foster in his 1960 book Culture & Conquest was noted for his quest in understanding how cultures are assimilated from one generation to the next, from one populace to another where the 'migrant' culture seem far removed & is of the minority. His particular socio-cultural interest centered around Spanish-American Heritage where he took his anthropological interests to the field making him a particular expert in Rural Mexico's peasant economics, folklore, folklore, linguistics, community development, and public health, among others. He studied the innate culture of rural Mexico and compared it to that of what was prevalent during the 16th century when at the height of Spanish Conquest of Latin America, Spain's influence was dominant. Foster therefore was among the anthropologists who anchored Cultural Studies, an academic discipline combining sociology, philosophy, political economy, communication studies, social theory, documentary theory & skills (literary/film/video), cultural anthropology, museology and art history in order to delve deeper into inner roots, aspects, parts and mechanisms of a particular culture. Cultural studies draws on all the available social sciences and related art disciplines combining it with latest advancement in investigative studies to truly understand a particular culture in a bid to understand how cultural phenomenon relates to ideology, nationality, ethnicity, gender, social strata & race. While at times 'cultural studies' are loosely used to refer to a general study of a particular culture by geography, it denotes more the particular culture under investigation than the geographic location.

    Culture stems from the Latin word 'colere' --- "to cultivate". Sociology defines culture as innate structures created within a social grouping/populace that give rise to patterns of human activities as well as symbolic structures, social phenomenon unique to that particular social grouping, making such activities significant in building a particular identity ...

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    The solution discusses the concept of machismo, especially that practised by Hispanics, Latin Americans & Italians from a cultural/social perspective. It also discusses the concept of cultural crystallization from an anthropological point of view. It provides details in the examples given. A wordversion of the solution is provided as an attachment.