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Chinese & Latin Cultures

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Chinese Culture and Latin Culture and the Male gender, identify these cultures. Explain the socialization, gender beliefs and behaviors, and self-concept that a person of the gender you selected would receive/develop in each of the Chinese culture and Latin culture Explain how the socialization, gender beliefs and behaviors, and self-concept of the person may vary if he or she were of a different gender in the same culture. Be specific, provide examples to illustrate, and justify your response with citations

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Particulars of the male gender as identified in Chinese and Latin cultures is discussed in this solution.

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Chinese culture:

According to Luo (2009) culture consists of patterns maintained in human groups as a result of actions or conditioning elements of further action. Culture can be defined through different categories such as history, language and religion. The Chinese people practice the Confucius Philosophy that urges the importance of family, hard work, and practicing self retrain. The Confucius Philosophy provides that developing a harmonious life is dependent on how we treat parents, friends, spouses, leaders and the ancestors (Luo, 2009).

The concept of "face" or honor is important in the Chinese culture which encourages people to maintain respect and good reputation in the society. Four types of "face" are exhibited in the Chinese culture and it is also essential for an individual to avoid losing face (Facts and Statistics, n.d). The Chinese culture also emphasizes on collectivism rather than individualism whereby group affiliation is essential in the society whereby the benefit of the group outweighs an individual's needs. The Chinese community also practices non verbal communication such as facial expression and posture to determine what the other person is saying.

Latin culture:

Clutter & Zubieta (2009) provides that the family is the most important social unit in Latin culture whereby families are close knit. Latin culture ...

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