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Latin Americans - Philosophies, Influence, Contributions

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What are some of the philosophies that influenced Latin America? In what way did they impact the cultures of Latin America?

What contributions to society did folk and elite caudillos bring to Latin American society?

What impact did the encroachment of Europeans have upon the New World?

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This solution discusses the Latin Americans contribution and influence in the New World (U.S. History 1877) by describing philosophies influencing Latin America, as well as the contributions elite caudillos brought to society.

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Philosophy that influenced Latin America began with autochthonous cultures, particularly the Aztecs, Mayas, Incas and Tupi-Guarani, whose philosophies produced sophisticated thought systems centuries before the encroachment of Europeans in Latin America. These thought systems were advanced in regard to astrology with the Maya resulted in some of the largest city states during their time with the Incas. By the turn of the sixteenth century academic philosophy began with the establishment of schools, monasteries, convents and seminaries by the Catholic Church in Latin America. Latin America was heavily influenced in the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth with positivism, and the 20th century saw rises in new intellectual movements such as communism in many Latin American countries as ...

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