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Presentation ideas: History of women's income

I need help with a title and outline ideas for a presentation and paper on the history to current day on women's income: why they make less than men, who is benefiting from this, why is it still going on and examples of inequality. It needs to be couched in sociological paradigms. Please include ideas for an overhead presentation too.

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This assignment seems very broad. I have a few suggestions that might help. First, think about what interests you most within this topic and try to narrow your focus. It helps to decide if you want a meta-level presentation or a micro-level case study (examples below). Next will be deciding your approach to sociological theory and analysis of the questions "who benefits and why does it continue". Depending on how you narrow the topic, you may be able to use paradigms presented in your course, or you may need to look outside the course materials.

Perhaps the most meta-level presentation you could do would be "Trends in Income Disparities Between Men and Women, 1950-present" (of which there are ample sources). Or a twist on the theme could focus on a specific profession, such as "Income Disparities Between Men and Women in the Health Professions."
For ideas see article: ...

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