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Women's Flexibility in the Workplace Throughout History.

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Please help me identify some factors that have affected women's flexibility in the workplace throughout history. Do you believe that flexibility in the workplace is a social and structural issue?

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One article explores current and historical issues related to gender and workplace flexibility:

Jeffrey Hill, E. E., Jacob, J. I., Shannon, L. L., Brennan, R. T., Blanchard, V. L., & Martinengo, G. (2008). Exploring the relationship of workplace flexibility, gender, and life stage to family-to-work conflict, and stress and burnout. Community, Work & Family, 11(2), 165-181.

The authors reveal how workplace flexibility is currently aligned with issues such as "flextime, compressed work week, telecommuting, part-time employment, job sharing)." ...

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References to highlight both current and historical issues related to gender and workplace flexibility are briefly provided.