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US Women's History: Relevance & Themes

1-Why do you think it is important to study the history of American women?

2-In the Introduction to Through Women's Eyes, the authors identify three integrating themes or categories in women' s history. Which do you find the most interesting and why?

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1. The Importance of Studying American Women's History

Apart from the obvious implication of a feminist view, the study of American Women's history is not to 'separate' gender histories but rather to enrich history as we know it. The US is a nation born of patriarchal ideals, an influence of the Colonial days. The idea of equality whether sexual or by ethnicity had already taken root in the early days of the Enlightenment, however, apart from the discussion and debates against slavery the status quos was that men governed the public, commercial and political life - including the military primarily because of the assigned traditional view on where women and men stand. The women support the men and take care of the home; the men provide and keep order. Much has changed since then as the Lockean ideal of 'All Men Created Equal' soon came ...

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The solution discusses the importance of studying the history of American women. Additionally, based on the book 'Through Women's Eyes' by Dumenil & Dubois, key themes are identified in the American Women's history with a review of each to defend a position of interest. The solution follows the APA format. A word versionis attached for easy printing.