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    Women in the Workplace and the Wage Gap

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    Women's pay is said to be roughly 3/4 of men's pay. http://www.pay-equity.org/

    My question is: Is this statistic really just that sexism is rampant or is it that on average, women in a professional setting are more likely to sacrifice career for their family life? What do you think?

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    In short: both.

    Sexism is so institutionalized in the way professional settings function that we have created a false dichotomy.
    Because of this, both women and men believe that it is up to a women to make a choice as to whether or not she is to sacrifice a career for a family life.

    That dichotomy does not exist in other nations. In fact, the New York Times recently published data suggesting that the United States of America is one of 5 nations who do not offer paid maternity leave as an option by national policy. Many other nations are supportive, in the form of tax benefits, ...

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    When analyzing women's rights issues in our society, it is important than we not look to one source for all the answers. When addressing the wage gap, looking to sexism and overt discrete acts of sexism alone does not provide us with an intellectually honest response. The wage gap in particular forces us to look specifically at the employment structure in America. It may be a helpful tool to compare ours to those of other nations within such a large wage gap, and start further analysis there.