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    Wage Male/Female Research Process Paper

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    MyrResearch process paper is about "The wage of a male employee well educated is higher then a female employee with the same education level."
    I need help getting started with:
    - Purpose of the research
    - Describe the research problem
    - Explain why the research problem is important

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    The purpose of the research is to update the findings already in evidence that the wage of the well educated male is higher than a female with the same education level. The reason you will be updating the findings is that the subject has been researched previously and with many different points of view. You will merely be looking to see if the data proves this is still true.

    The ability of women to make comparable wages in the workplace can be hampered by many things. Among the excuses given for the disparity in the past has ...

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    This solution provides a detailed tutorial on a given research process paper about wage differentials based on sex. It provides a sample outline of the research purpose, problem, and importance and includes four references for further research on the topic.