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    Sojourner Truth's Speeches

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    Sojourner Truth
    1. I can imagine that you will find Sojourner Truth's short speeches much easier to read than Mary Wollstonecraft's formal dissertation on the rights of women; however, both advocate the same thing: women should be free to make their own choices, to participate in the political movements that affect them, to get a good education, to have the opportunity to make a living, etc. Whenever I reread Sojourner Truth, I'm always freshly surprised by her audacity--she apparently had no fear of reprisal for her outspokenness. She also employs humor (something feminists have sometimes been accused of lacking) in her speeches. In your response, you might comment on her language, her use of humor and irony, her general persona as she makes her case. Include your favorite quotations by Truth.
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    2. I'm sure that you can come up with a few ideas on your own, but you might imagine Sojourner Truth discussing her ideas with Mary Wollstonecraft, possibly enlarging Wollstonecraft's views, perhaps pointing out the differences between conditions for women in America and in England (the introduction covers this topic well).

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    For the second part, I included like a comparison between the two women's ideas; this is where you can draw the development of ideas from Wollstonecraft to Truth.

    Sojourner Truth
    1. Persona: Truth spoke out of her experience as black woman who was enslaved for most of her life. As a slave, she had no rights and didn't learn how to read. This she expressed in her ...

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    An analysis of Sojourner Truth's speeches and how her ideas are similar to/different fromWollstonecraft's