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How to Present Data Effectively and Efficiently

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Data presentation should be designed to display correct conclusions. What issues should we think about as we prepare data for presentation? Discuss the different methods that we can use to present data in a report. What role does the audience play in selecting how we present the data?

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Primarily, data integrity must be maintained at all times. It must reflect the truth. Data whether in the form of financial reports, a product of research survey, or from a secondary data must have been obtained clean and free from "polluted sources." This is truth to the saying: garbage in, garbage out.

Few (2004) suggested that in presenting the data one must know the purpose of data presentation and know what the message is. He further said that tables work best when the data presentation a.) is used to look up individual values, b.) is used to compare individual values, c.) requires precise values, d.) values involve multiple units of measure.

On the other hand, graphs work best when the data ...

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The solution shows how to present data effectively. It integrates truthfulness, purpose, message of the data and the right presentation tools to use.