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Critical Incident Technique in Counseling Research

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Can you help me with the five identified steps to the CIT method as mentioned in the below article. Clearly all five are important. Can you tell me which one appears to the one you believe to be most critical. Describe it and then discuss why you believe it is the most critical step.


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I think that the second step in the CIT method is the most critical, due to the fact that this step involves the planning of how the research will be conducted, as well as the establishment of parameters or specifications within which this research method will take place. Due to these factors, this that is most critical since this is the step in which the methodology and procedures that will be utilized in carrying out the other steps will be developed or determined. In other words, this step seems to form the foundation or bulwark from which the other steps in this method can be efficiently and effectively carried out. I also think that this step is most critical due to ...

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