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Circumplex Model of Therapy

What is Family Sculpting?

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1. What is Family Sculpting?

It is counseling technique that assesses the family on distance, closeness and/or family cohesion using drawings or figures. Family sculpting is a technique originally developed by Virginia Satir and colleagues (Satir, Banmen, Gerber & Gomori, 1991) in which family members create a physical tableau that represents the nature of their relational positions and proximity in the family (Mutter, 1999).

For example, Family Sculpting (aka Family Paper Sculpture) is a semi-projective task that can be useful in family life education, in clinical work with families, and in research involving family system variables. Families or individuals are asked to make a picture of the family using round disks for individuals, red and black strips to show similarities and differences among individuals, and boundary markers to show ...

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Relating to the Circumplex Model of Therapy, this solution explains Family Sculpting in some detail, including examples.