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Different approaches of marriage and family therapy's.

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-Define both the model-directed approach and the client-directed approach to therapy. Compare and contrast these two approaches. (apa resources needed)

-discuss the collaborative treatment planning approach and what you see as the benefits and obstacles to this approach to treatment planning.

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A model directed approach to therapy is one in which the therapist confers with the client on a regular basis, usually daily for three to four weeks. In the model directed approach the therapist directly guides the client through the behavior(s) that the client is seeking to change. This type of therapy is similar to Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). The advantages to this type of therapy are changes can occur at a faster pace and it can help clients who really are determined to recover. The disadvantages to this type of therapy are it can be disruptive to those clients who have a job and family, it can be costly and the time limit may cause clients to feel as if they are cured in a month when they may need ...

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