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    Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

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    Summarize the basic principles of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). Be sure you describe the main techniques used in this method of family therapy. Does this model of family therapy fit with the other models you have studied?

    Please explain the main techniques used in SFBT and if it is similar than other methods of therapy such as cognitive-behavioral family therapy or Bowen family therapy.

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    A summary of basic principles of SFBT:

    i) Small steps lead to change
    ii) The Future is negotiated and created
    iii) The solution is not necessarily related to the problem
    iv) The solution language is different than problem language
    v) Change is inevitable, but not problems
    vi) Cooperation is the key
    vii) What is working? How do we do more of it? What is not working and how can we do it differently?

    Therefore this ...

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    Basic principles of solution focus brief therapy are discussed. The main techniques used in SFBT and its similar methods of family therapy are determined. The expert determines if this model of family therapy fit with the other models are studied are determined.