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    Job Analysis - Description of Effective, Average and Ineffective Behavior

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    One method of job analysis is the Critical Incident Technique. Acting as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), use this technique to provide descriptions of effective, average, and ineffective behavior in the area of written communication.

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    A Subject Matter Expert is an individual who understands a business process or area well enough to answer questions from people in other groups who are trying to help.

    The Critical Incident Technique is essentially a set of operations for collecting direct observations of human behavior in defined situations in such a way as to use the information in solving practical problems, e.g., assessing educational gaps. It is best thought of as a flexible set of guidelines which must be modified and
    adapted to meet a specific situation one is currently addressing.

    An "incident" is ...

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    The solution discusses job analysis. The description of effective, average and ineffective behavior in the area of written communication is provided. Additional resources are provided.