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Improving Customer Service

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1. Outline the specific information that Matt should collect to build a case for improving customer service at Datatronics.
2. Describe the top ideas for Matt to present to Joel next week.
3. How would Matt get Joel to support his ideas?

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One specific piece of information that Matt should collect to build a case for improving customer service at Datatronics, is the specific level of training that will be necessary for customer service reps within the organization, in order for these individuals to be able to serve customers most efficiently and effectively. This is due to the fact that at the present time the customer service staff within this organization were only given a basic course on the products that this company sales, and have not been given proper training on communication skills, listening skills, and effectively ascertaining and meeting the needs of customers in an expeditious manner. Another specific piece of information that Matt should collect would be the percentage of customers that have become so dissatisfied with the customer service that this organization offers, that ...

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