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Strategies for Improving Customer Services

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Many staff in the airline service end feels they are overtaxed while others seem to have little to do. choosing one - two roles from among the following: cleaning crew, ramp agents, provisioning agents, reservation sales agents, customer service agents, pilots, and mechanics.

Write a proposal that would meet the need for service productivity and greater operational success for their specific role. Consider changes or strategies specific to the job in job requirements, training, staffing, and job design. Use the Library for ideas in the airline industry and beyond to consider job significance, job identity, autonomy, staffing, feedback, job rotation, enrichment, employee empowerment, job enlargement. Explain what cautions, methods, or requirements are needed for any proposed changes to meet ethical and legal standards for managing employees.

Need three key proposals or strategies for each chosen role which would make the biggest coordinated difference in Going's operational success.

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I have chosen customer service agents for this assignment. Following are the three key strategies, that I would follow to make the biggest coordinated difference in Going's operational success:

1) To meet the need for service productivity and greater operational success customer service agents should be properly trained and developed. They should be provided with effective training programs from time to time so that they can be abreast with the updated technologies which are required to give immediate answers to the customer's queries. Further, they should be trained on soft skills to handle customer queries in an efficient and customer friendly manner. By such training programs the customer service agents would be able to locate immediately the reasons of the underlying problems and thus would be able to handle their customers more effectively and efficiently. They should be empowered to provide ...

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Discusses strategies for improving customer service agent in an airline.

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