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    Call Center Improvement and Benchmarking

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    Describe an area of improvement for your company or industry of choice. Find two benchmarks for your improvement area:

    - In a like company or industry
    - In a company or industry that does not participate in the same type of business
    - Discuss pertinent benchmarking information that makes this a good choice. Also discuss effective and ineffective uses of benchmarking. I have decided to use a call center for customer service as my choice.

    The company of my choice is a call center.

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    One improvement area for the call center business will be waiting time for the customers that dial into the customer service numbers. It has been observed that during peak times, customers have to wait for a long time before they can speak to or reach a customer service representative. This is a very important benchmark to consider because it will help in improving customer satisfaction as customers will have to wait for a lesser time to resolve their queries or issues. The industry leaders have an ...

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