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Business Management- Best Practices

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Your organization's customer service department is interested in looking at "best practices" through a benchmark process.
Write a memo to the director of customer service (telephone call center) that answers the following:
Describe the benefits of benchmarking in determining the best practices for a company.
Which 1 or 2 benchmarking tools would you recommend for this department, and why?

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Step 1
The header of the memo will be:
TO: Director of Customer Service
FROM: Jack Andrews.
DATE: April 6, 2014
SUBJECT: Benchmarking benefits and tools recommended.
Step 2
The body of the memo will have the following:
This memo describes how the benchmarking process will benefit our telephone call center. Also, two tools of benchmarking are recommended.
The office is required to receive and transmit a large volume of requests by telephone. Our company has inbound call center that is operated by a ...

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This solution explains the importance of benchmarking in a phone call center. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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