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    The Tipping Point for Talent Management

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    1. Discuss how the economic environment has influenced the need for talent
    management practices.

    2. Discuss how globalization has contributed to the tipping point for talent
    management practices.

    3. Discuss how talent management practices have evolved beyond training

    4. Discuss the talent management practices that have the most influence on talent

    5. Discuss how effective talent management practices can increase organizational
    performance and shareholder value.

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    Talent Management:

    This is one of the fundamental processes of the Human Resource department aimed at bettering the talent pool of the organizational personnel. Talent management is delivers the excellent and qualified employees to the organization who are effectively skilled to undertake the company functions. To ensure that the organization leads in its functions, the use of the talent management strategy will propel the operations of the company. Through this, the corporation will attain a strong competitive advantage over the rest of the organization in the business environment. Talent management brings about the selection of the best talented person in the market for the best job position increasing the efficiency levels of the organization to meet the needs of the esteemed clients (What is, 2011).

    Discuss how the economic environment has influenced the need for talent management practices :

    It is the economy that is equipped with the most skilled of personnel that gains the highest economic levels. The economic environment has influenced the need for talent management in the organization due to the following reasons. The heightened levels of the competition for the skilled workers has increased expecting the organization to creating a strategy that will draw in the best possible talent. The economic changes in the demand and supply of products in the market economy needs to be met with constant value that will delivered by effective organizational personnel. The effective personnel are to be obtained through the management of talent that is available in the market economy. The low levels of employee engagement in organizational functions needs to be altered by the talent management systems that will be altered. This will create an arena where the employees will be more engaged in the corporation activities. This new approach will enable the organization to attain company success. The aligning of the personnel ...

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    The tipping point for Talent Management is examined.