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Talent Management: Different Viewpoints

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Find an article, webinar or blog on how the CEO or senior executives view Talent Management. In 300 words provide an executive summary identifying similarities and differences between the executive's and HR's perceptions. Include an APA reference and/or link.

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The article describes how CEOs and other top executives view talent management (Bentley and Bentley, 2017). The article points out that there is a conflict between key executives. In this article a conflict between the CIO, and the CMO is described. The moot point is that each department is vying for a larger budget to recruit talent that is high paid. According to the article both the departments have the commong goal of providing customer value by ensuring all technologies and user experience work together. Specifically, the CIOs must focus on customer outcomes.

The article says that new skills should span both marketing and tech management. Talent management should focus on value creation, build ...

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The response provides you a structured explanation of the difference between the top management view of talent management and HR view of the same. It also gives you the relevant references.