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    Gender and Economy

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    Cultural Anthropology is used as your guide as well as your own ideas (scholarly articles).

    a. The role of women in foraging and horticultural based societies.
    b. How a woman's status is impacted by her participation in food procurement.
    c. How a woman's status in these societies, compare to that of women in American society today.

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    In foraging societies, such as egalitarian hunter-gather societies, women were an integral part of food-gathering. Many Cultural Anthropologists use the !Kung San of the Kalahari desert as an example of this type of society (which was the dominant form of human social groups for 98% of our history). In !Kung culture, women gathered a variety of plant food; this takes an enormous amount of knowledge. For example, a gather must not only know what food is poisonous or not, but also know when and where particular food can be gathered, how it is affected by relevant weather and climate conditions, and when it is ripe enough for harvest. Among the ...

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    The expert examines gender and economy.