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    Harriet Martineau - "Mother of Sociology"

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    Martineau is considered the "Mother" of sociology. She was the first to translate the work of the early sociological theorists into English. Her translations were crucial to the development of American sociology. With that being said, what are some important points that I can use to develop a project on her?

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    I have provided an outline of three main focuses you could use. Each of these contain some points about her and her work. She was a writer, but a journalist was her first commissioned position. She wrote on political economies, but was, at least in the beginning, a devout Unitarian. She was raised in Victorian times, with the rules and social demands of others in that era.

    First look at the background and family

    She was one of eight children. As a female, her mother, a practicing Unitarian was a very traditional believer in gender roles, expected her to learn the normal domestic and family work. Harriet, however, was a reader and writer. Her first work was on how as a female, her formal education stopped before that of her brothers, who went to college. When her father's business failed, she decided to become a "working" writer and wrote for the Monthly Repository, a publication of the Unitarian faith. She also published her first ...

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