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Sociological Perspectives on Family issues

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Discuss family and family issues within the major sociological perspectives. Review the situations described below.

1. The arranged marriage of a 16-year-old African girl to a 25-year-old Indian man.
2. A married homosexual male couple that moves from the Netherlands to Australia.
3. The merger of a family of two young girls of Asian descent living with their father and a family of three Caucasian teenagers living with their mother when the mother and father marry.
4. A young man of European descent is seeking a mate from Indonesia.
5. The parents of a handicapped child decide to divorce after the mother obtains a court order to prevent the father's physical abuse of the child.

Choose two issues and discuss each issue in one to two paragraphs. Be sure to include the following:
1. What family values are implied in each situation?
2. What sociological problems will each family face?
3. What sociological advantages will each family have?
4. Describe each situation from one of the three sociological perspectives.

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The expert discusses family and family issues within the major sociological perspectives. The arranged marriage of a 16-year-old African girl are given.

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Issue 1: A married homosexual male couple moves from the Netherlands to Australia

The family values implied in this situation are that marriage is legal in the Netherlands but is not in Australia. So while the homosexual male couple's marriage is recognized where they currently live, it will not be when they move. Marriage is an important value to this couple as is the ability to behave and live as any other heterosexual married couple. The largest sociological problem this family will face is not having their marriage legally recognized when they move to Australia. This will be an adjustment for them and will likely create issues with acceptance and recognition in an equal manner in terms of rights that married couples often have.

The sociological advantage this family has is that as a homosexual couple, it is likely that they have experienced this ...

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