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Sociology Choices

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1). Sociologist Harriet Martineau was known for fighting for the rights of both __________ and __________.

a) children; slaves.
b) women; children.
c) slaves; free blacks.
d) slaves; women.

2). __________ describes a social philosophy that cherishes rural life.

a) Agrarianism
b) Modernity
c) Agriculturalism
d) Marxism

3). A large company offers a free clinic and daycare center for its employees' use. In sociological methodology, the study of the meaning of these benefits to the employees would be called

a) scientific.
b) quantitative.
c) qualitative.
d) interpretive.

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Please refer to the following for the answer to question 1:

Martineau's politics included a thoroughgoing attention to women. It was an essential part of her blend of radicalism, and it had emerged well before her declaration to Place a month before her thirtieth birthday in 1832 that she must act with her pen, as that was the only access to politics a woman had. Her feminist politics was to continue strong throughout her life. Sensitive to her own womanhood and the limitations it imposed on her, the entry to feminism for many a woman through several feminist ...

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