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    Citizen policy choices and agenda setting

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    How does cultural change influence citizen policy choices and agenda setting? Provide two examples to explain the influence of cultural change.

    I was thinking that the recent change in gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana would be examples. Am I on the right track? Can you help me conceptualize this point?

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    To answer this question, one must first define what culture is. Within political science, culture is commonly considered to be collection of ideas, traditions, and attitudes within a particular society. When we refer to cultural change, we are referring to a shift in majority attitude within that society. For example, at one point, the majority opinion on issue X may be opinion A. Ten years later, the majority of people in the society now thinks B. This is a cultural change. Of course, there will still be people who think A, but it is now a culture of B. Cultural change occurs naturally over time, and may be due to many factors, such as influence from other ...

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    This solution explores how culture affects public policy and agenda setting, using gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana as examples.