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Establishing Public Policy

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What steps should be taken to establish a given public policy? Do you think the average citizen is aware of how policy is formulated and implemented? Do you think culture influences public policy? How?

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In order to establish a given public policy, there must first be a desire to see it happen by a group. Secondly, that group must organize. For example, though women wanted voting rights for a very long time, it wasn't until women began to organize into specific social groupings did change begin. Usually, this organized group needs to have some sort of financial backing. Thirdly, the issue must be placed on the social and political agenda. This can be achieved by raising awareness through media and by specifically lobbying members of the government. Fourthly, it must pass the government. This is a long and complicated process, but as long as the ...

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This solution outlines how public policy is formed, including the roles of citizens and culture in promoting social change through public policy changes.