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    Lowi's and Ginsberg's Techniques of Control and Education

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    Discuss Lowi's and Ginsberg's techniques of control. Are they applicable today? If so, how do they apply in the educational field?

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    Lowi (1985) defines administrative structures and behaviors (dominant cultures) are based on four models: regulatory model, the distributive agency model, the redistributive agency model, and the constituent agency model, with education falling under the redistributive agency model.

    Lowi and Ginsberg (1990) state the techniques of patronage control are usually utilized in distributive policies. ...

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    Lowi's and Ginsberg's techniques of control are discussed in reference to educational policies. Educational implications include standards and accountability that are determined by these policies. Discussion encompasses social and economical aspects within the U.S. and economical competitiveness of the U.S. It is a 266 word document, including four references and follow-up questions to allow students to expand upon this information.