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    Data Mining Clinical Application

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    Select a specific clinical problem and post a clinical question that could potentially be answered using data mining. Identify data mining techniques you would apply to this challenge, and provide your rationale. Are there any specific data mining techniques you would not use? Support your decision.

    Need references in APA format

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    One particular clinical challenge faced by many nursing professionals, is patient compliance in
    self-care and measures of disease control. This is particularly true for nursing staff involved in training
    and educating patients with Type II Diabetes, in measures they can take to monitor and maintain proper
    levels of blood glucose.
    The clinical question to be answered is "How many patients (percentage) are able to maintain satisfactory blood glucose levels and control after patient education?"
    By answering this question, the clinical nursing professional can evaluate any ongoing education programs, literature, and techniques used in the patient ...

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    This discussion recommends forms of data mining effective in answering specific questions related to clinical challenges faced by professional nurses. Examples of suitable and less suitable techniques are briefly discussed.