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Data WareHousing and Data Mining

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The purpose of this 3 page paper is to discuss , views regarding data

warehousing and data mining or knowledge discovery in databases. Discuss

the role of the database administration and the issues of cost/benefit for these

types of endeavors in organizations.

A data warehouse is a repository storing integrated information for efficient

querying and analysis. Information is extracted from heterogeneous sources

as it is generated or updated

A Data Warehouse on the other end, is a database that is designed for

facilitating querying and analysis. Often designed as OLAP (On-Line

Analytical Processing) systems, these databases contain read-only data that

can be queried and analysed far more efficiently as compared to your regular

OLTP application databases. In this sense an OLAP system is designed to be


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This solution describes features and advantages of data warehousing and data mining in terms of cost/benefit and also examines the role of database administration.