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Mining Data

I have attached a small case study (Mining Dining Data), along with the questions.

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1. Einstein/ Noah Bagel
2. Red Robin International:
3. Harrah's Entertainment;
4. AFC Enterprises:
5. Pizzeria UNO

Noah Bagel must have the latest information in its data warehouse because, it keep close track of real time information and based on the latest information changes its cross-selling strategy. The next company is Red Robin International. It uses data warehousing information to place items on its menu. In addition, it also uses data warehousing information to identify instances of cannibalization and takes measures to avoid such situation. The next on the list is Harrah's Entertainment. It uses data warehousing about the preferences of consumers and designs promotions for them. I have kept it third because the preferences of consumers do not change rapidly and the information can be used for a period of time. AFC Enterprises uses consumer information to determine which promotion each customer will respond to. Once the information is recorded the information remains stable for some time as customer preferences remain steady. Finally, we have ...

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