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    Data warehouse concepts

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    Please provide a detailed expkanation of the following concepts
    o An explanation of data warehouse concepts
    o The benefits of data mining
    o The hazards of data mining
    o Recommendations on managing benefits and minimizing hazards

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    Data warehouse concepts
    A data warehouse is a storage medium designed with very specific characteristics and relevant application of interest such that the data contained in the database is subject-oriented; this means data contained is related to a certain subject area for instance a data warehouse containing data pertaining to lung cancer patients only. The main reason for an explicit aspect is to make it a basis for decision-making and decision-supporting activities. A data warehouse has significant features to support the way it is structured:
    - The information is integrated which allows multiple dynamics views and possibilities of processing it. It provides analytics for trending, patterning, researching, marketing, and decision-making.
    - The data or information contained in a data warehouse is usually only accessed for reading purposes; therefore information doesn't change much and remains consistent due to the fact that it is not processed like in a transactional database.
    - Data is collected and fed into a data warehouse from several sources that relate to the subject of interest
    - Historical information is particularly safeguarded and kept intact in a data warehouse as it provides rich background information especially in a health care system.
    - The data warehouse development cycle is unlike the software development life cycle
    - Other characteristics include a lax on performance, availability, and non-redundancy. It is a flexible store where data sets are accessed as snapshots or summaries based on a subject.
    - Main tools that enable access to data warehouses include reporting tools such as Business Objects, query languages such as SQL, OLAP tools, and ...

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