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    Effective Listening Techniques for Managers

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    Could you please help me with an assignment by answering the following question?:

    What are three examples of effective listening techniques for managers? Provide contexts for each example.

    Thank you.

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    Here are some suggestions for you. Dr. Susan

    When a manager needs to have time with an employee, listening is an effective tool for behavioral modification. The manager must prepare to listen. This involves having a quiet place to meet and making sure that phone and computers are not a distraction. The manager needs to keep an open mind and not make any judgments prior to the initial meeting. Three techniques follow to help the manager to make the listening session more productive.


    Reflecting allows time for the manager to paraphrase ...

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    This solution outlines three types of effective listening techniques that may be useful for managers to utilize and explains why these techniques are so useful. Additionally, this solution provides two references sources for further investigation into this topic.