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    Public Administration Philosphy

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    Prepare a initial philosophy of public administration. Specifically, how would you approach at least the following criteria within the policymaking process?
    -Agenda setting
    -Policy decision or non-decision
    -Implementation of a new program or change in an old public program
    -Criticism from citizens and formal program evaluations

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    Step 1: The Philosophy
    The philosophy of public policy would be guided by excellence in all spheres of administration. In addition, the public policy should contribute to common good. Most importantly, the public policy should be fair and just. In practice administration will be efficient and ethical.

    Step 2: Agenda Setting
    The agenda will support the interests of the people. The public administration will give priorities to issues that support the cause of people and bring benefits to the people. Public administration will also give priority to those issues that promote good for all ...

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