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    Current Event Issue:US School Dropouts

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    Post a link to a newspaper or periodical article about a different current event to discuss. Describe the chosen article, and explain if from a sociological perspective. Write a 250-300 word summary on the conclusion about the event. Be specific as to which perspective best explains the event and the purpose it serves in society. The summary should maintain neutrality and should not judge the selected events as good of bad, right or wrong.

    I have attached the article on found in USnews. Thank you very much.

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    Dear Student,
    Aside from providing you a sample article summary, I have decided to include a short sociological analysis of the article which is what you will have to present to your professor since you are being asked to look at the information given in a current event news article from a sociological viewpoint which means we have to look at such elements as social agencies, social paradigms, applicable theories, etc. This solution is meant to help you with your studies so that you can create a more apt and particular review based on your own ideas. Thank you for using Brainmass. This review follows the APA format.

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    Sociological Review: Current Event

    Article Summary: How Dropouts and the Achievement Gap Hurt the Economy, by Eddie Ramirez, The US News (www.usnews.com), 30 April, 2009

    The article looks at two important social phenomena - academic issues (school drop outs and achievement gap) vis-a-vis the economy. While the Academe and the Economy might seem like two very separate social paradigms, they are actually quite interconnected, even co-dependent in some areas for the purpose of maintaining ...

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    The solution is a concise 588-word narrative that presents a current event (US School Dropout rates and its effect on the US Economy) based on a 2009 published social issue article by the US News. A summary of the article is presented side by side with a sociological analysis of the issue presented to highlight the importance such an article/news has on society for the purpose of mitigating further negative impact. References are listed for the purpose of expansion. A word version of the solution is attached.