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    African American Male Challenges

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    What are the unique challenges of being African American and male in the US? How is this different from that of females? What about as compared to young, African American males? How might this be different to or similar to young, Latino males and immigrants from Africa?

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    Today in the United States, African American males face many barriers. Education is the main barrier, and from this (or the lack of this) other issues become apparent including problems with employment, incarceration, crime, poverty, homelessness, and family issues. Although many of the problems of African Americans (both men and women) are shared, men tend to have a harder time of surviving since welfare reform went into effect. The new welfare system gives only the parent with custody of the children benefits. Since the majority of children live with their mothers, this leaves men without services to help them should they need it. On the other hand, welfare reform helps the parent with custody of the children with cash assistance, food stamps, job training, education, and employment. Since the majority of custodial parents are women, they have an advantage over men in society. This is especially apparent in the African American community.

    Education is seen as an opportunity for advancement. However, many African American males are not afforded the opportunity to finish school. This stems mainly from poverty. Finishing high school in the inner-city becomes an exception, and ...

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    This 728 word solution discusses the unique challenges of African American males compared to African American females, Latino men, and African immigrants. Additionally, it includes three references for further investigation of the topic.