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    Literature Review - African American Males Achievement Gap

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    Post a brief synopsis of the qualitative studies you have found at least 4 Scholarly articles. For each entry, provide the full APA citation, as well as a brief paragraph explaining the contribution the study makes to African American Males achievement gap, either directly or tangentially. In the text of your posting (to which you will attach your synopsis), introduce and summarize the qualitative studies as a collection, and post at least two questions that will elicit suggestions and further responses from your colleagues.

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    Qualitative Study Articles on African American Male Achievement Gap


    This collection of articles explores varied issues and subjects of study that pertain to academic underachievement of African-American Males. These studies are qualitative in nature and rely on the experience and expertise of their authors as well as narrative data. Most prominent in this collection is Prof. James Earl Davis who has come to specialize in the study of African-American male academic gap as he has made it his mission to tackle this social problem for the purpose of providing plausible solutions being himself a breakthrough African-American male who has defied the odds. The focus is in the social experience of this particular sector and the articles tackle early academic experience, the effect of the learning structures of schools, the motivation they have for education and academic success and lastly, the influence and impact of the College Campus environment in the academic experience of African American Males in College. With these articles together, I have come to ask the following questions: How does early schooling affect the view of African-American males in relation to education and academic achievement? Additionally, if it is possible to identify these effects, is it possible to institute adjustments in school systems to increase and aid African-American male academic achievement?

    Article 1: "Early schooling and academic achievement of African
    American males"
    Authors: James E. Davis
    Journal: Urban Education, Volume 38, Issue 5, Pages 515-537, Year 2003, Scopus Publications.
    Web Address: ...

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    The solution provides 4 different related scholarly articles and a brief synopsis of each where each of the articles is considered part of the literature review of a research on 'Male-Achievement Gap'. References are listed and full bibliographic details of each article is also provided.