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    identify the cultural characteristics of races

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    Prepare a chart /table in which you identify the cultural characteristics of African American, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian students. Be sure to address learning styles, language, families, achievement levels, and cultural characteristics. Additional research may be required to complete this assignment.

    Culture Learning Style Language Family Achievement Level Cultural

    African American


    Native American


    Once you have completed your chart, please share your findings below the chart.

    1) African American - Learning Style

    2) Hispanic - Learning Style

    3) Native American - Learning Style

    4) Asian - Learning Style

    5) African American - Language

    6) Hispanic - Language

    7) Native American - Language

    8) Asian - Language

    9) African American - Family

    10) Hispanic - Family

    11) Native American - Family

    12) Asian - Family

    13) African American - Achievement Level

    14) Hispanic - Achievement Level

    15) Native American - Achievement Level

    16) Asian - Achievement Level

    17) African American - Cultural Characteristics

    18) Hispanic - Cultural Characteristics

    19) Native American - Cultural Characteristics

    20) Asian - Cultural Characteristics

    *I am looking for help in understanding and completing this assignment. I have performed a great deal of research on this, however, I am looking for more concise information. The information I have researched is mostly contradicting or not available in my findings.

    Attached is an additional document which may be helpful. Use of other resources is acceptable. Please provide resources from where the information came from.

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    1) African American - Learning Style: Many seem to prefer activities that are kinesthetic or allow for movement

    See: http://www.uic.edu/las/afam/courses/aast201/110602Learning_Styles_African_American_Children.pdf

    2) Hispanic - Learning Style tend to like group or cooperative learning activities and those that appeal to student's sense of loyalty to family


    3) Native American - Learning Style: may prefer kinesthetic or cooperative learning activities. Highly individualistic or competitive environments may cause student to shut down.

    See: http://www.ericdigests.org/pre-9220/indian.htm

    4) Asian - Learning Style : Group/cooperative learning is nor prioritized. Many may prefer individual activities that allow.for much repetition and individualized practice.

    5) African American - Language: English with a unique vernacular sometimes referred to as Ebonics


    6) Hispanic - ...

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    Briefly identify the cultural characteristics of races