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    severe achievement gap that plagues minorities

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    I need to find a current event from a newspaper or periodical article. I need help explain it from a sociological perspective. Be specific as to which perspective(s) best explains the event and the purpose it serves in society.

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    First of all, an idea for you to possibly use comes from the article at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-merrow/black-male-student-achiev_b_781505.html

    This article particularly shows the severe achievement gap that plagues minorities, especially African American males in school systems today. As you then cite specific quotes and statistics from this article to infuse into your own paper, you might also show how the depiction of black males on the news and within media overall as criminals and the lack of social support or role ...

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    This job briefly reacts to an article about the severe achievement gap that plagues minorities.