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History of Education

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1. Identify three racial and or cultural groups and detail two ways each group has impacted our schools.

2. Name, and explain how, two court decisions have impacted American education.

3. Identify three ways the federal government has shared in the creation of American schools

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1. Identify three racial and or cultural groups and detail two ways each group has impacted our schools.

? Minority children from immigrants who moved voluntarily or involuntarily to the US - Compared with the white children, minority children showed lower performance and scored lower on academic achievement tests. These results have prompted schools to investigate in attempts to explain the reasons behind low performance. Among the factors affecting are biogenetic, curriculums, and the differences in culture and language. It has also led schools to investigate on the differences among the minority groups and the findings they have realized that the forces affecting academic performance of these children come from other minority communities as well.
? Voluntary minorities who come to the US believe that hardships can be overcome through education and hard work - they are more positive as they see their cultural and language differences as barriers in achieving their goals and as a result, they try to overcome them. Children coming from this group are taught to do their best in school and to hold themselves responsible ...

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